Namrita Kumar

PhD + Sports Nutritionist + Coach + Endurance Athlete

Dr. Namrita Kumar is a sports physiologist/nutritionist, registered dietitian, and endurance sports coach. Most recently, she studied and conducted research at the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Applied Physiology. Her doctoral research was related to fatigue and the effects of nutritional countermeasures in athletes versus non-athletes. Namrita's personal athletic experience ranges from endurance mountain biking to off-road triathlon, cross-country mountain bike racing, running, road cycling, duathlon, and cyclocross. While she was in graduate school, she competed with Georgia Tech Cycling and the Topeak-Ergon USA mountain bike team. She also remains very involved in the community with organizations such as the Georgia High School Cycling League, National Interscholastic Cycling Association, and Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sport. Namrita is also the Head Cycling Coach at SCAD Atlanta and Founder of Rescue Project.

"Fit in 6" challenge. Become leaner, fitter, and faster in just six weeks!

"Down 3.6 lbs in the first 2 weeks. My body fat % is finally starting to come down also. I feel like I'm already established some great habits! Woohoo!"
"I arrived at my goal of 10 lbs loss and I'm also at 8% body fat. All while stepping up my cycling training...SUCCESS!"
"I appreciate you and the Challenge. It was a great experience for me that has created changes I will implement for a lifetime. I'd also love to have your guidance on resources for diet during the race season."
"I lost 8 lbs during the challenge and improved lean weight considerably. My husband joined me and also lost 8 lbs so we're both at our pre-marriage weights! The biggest differences in our lifestyle changes are: smaller portions, more scrutiny and selection when dining out, higher quality nutrition, and modulating caloric intake for recovery days. We did not compromise flavor, seasoning or food preferences because we want the changes to be sustainable. I was quite surprised at how much energy I have when eating less. Thanks, Namrita and group for the friendly goal-setting, group discussions, scientific information and motivation!"
"Total weight loss = 12.6 lbs while working 3 jobs and little time to train. The calories are key. I'm continuing past the end of the 6 weeks until I reach my high school wrestling weight!"
"Great challenge. I lost 9.5 lbs and 2.5% body fat."
"I lost 7.8 lbs during the 6 weeks. The challenge has been a great reminder that day-to-day decisions do matter, perhaps more than we realize, especially over the long haul. It's a very personal journey for everyone; and, for me, it's a matter of balance. I want to be fit and healthy, but I also enjoy time with friends and family, fine food, and fine wine. Thanks for the great recipes and great support!"
"Thank you for the great selection of menu options and inspiration rolled into a fun challenge that I will be leveraging well beyond 6 weeks. I lost 8 lbs!"
"I lost 8.5 lbs and now I am at the same weight as when I got married 40 years ago!"
"Down 10.2 lbs. Mission ACCOMPLISHED."
"This is a great start to the season, now I have a nice set of recipes on hand to keep the ball rolling!"
"I've finally gotten my body fat into the single digits. I'm able to stay focused and loving all the new nutrition habits!"
"My results are keeping me highly motivated. Even better, my eating habits are much better!"
"I'm averaging 1.5 lbs loss per week and definitely feeling better and enjoying the challenge!"
"This challenge has me focused on calories, over-eating in the evening, and my activity levels. My fat % has dropped and I'm feeling stronger and fitter. Thank you for the challenge."
"My weight is down and power is up. My eating habits have definitely changed for the better as a result of this program and the ideas from the group have helped, as well. Looks like it's going to be a good year and it sounds like everyone doing the program is progressing well."