Group Coaching and Clinics

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.
— Booker T. Washington

Group coaching 

Price per person depends on group size — This option is for a group who would like to prepare for a specific event together (i.e. triathlon, 10k, marathon, bikepacking event, etc.). The plan will be customized in order to prepare the group for the specific event (terrain, length, environmental conditions, etc.) but the workouts will not be fully customized for each person in the group. A and B options will be given for workouts based on the person's self-selected fitness level. Perceived effort is used to prescribe exercise intensity.

Group plan options are for 12 or 16 weeks in duration. Price will also depend on whether the group is self sufficient in coordinating training sessions and executing workouts, or whether you would like me to be on-site during certain training sessions. 





group clinics for training + nutrition

Price depends on group size — Whether you have a club, team, shop, or league, group clinics can be arranged on a variety of topics including nutrition, fueling and hydration for a specific sport or event, etc. Custom needs are accommodated, please contact me to discuss. 

group fitness and nutrition challenges

Price depends on group size — Group challenges are always fun and successful. Typically, challenges span a six-week period and may include a nutrition plan, fitness plan, in-person check-ins, and online group support via a Google group. Custom needs are accommodated, please contact me to discuss. 

My weight is down and power is up. My eating habits have definitely changed for the better as a result of this program and the ideas from the group have also really helped.
— "Fit in 6" Challenge participant