Coaching and nutrition for sport and performance.


A comprehensive approach to training and performance. Integrating sport science and physiological principles with evidence-based nutrition strategies. Emphasizing individual needs and prioritizing the importance of the athlete-coach relationship to allow athletes to reach their full potential.


Integrated Training and Nutrition

Nutrition and coaching services are packaged for optimal training adaptations and performance gains. Appropriate for any type of athlete or individual looking to improve physical fitness and body composition.

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Endurance Coaching

Training for endurance sports including cycling-related disciplines, running, and multisport. Appropriate for competitive athletes ranging from high school to college to amateur or elite. Also appropriate for individuals and groups looking to set personal records, complete an event as a first time challenge, or simply improve physical fitness. 

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Guiding individuals and groups to attain optimal nutrition for health and performance while accounting for lifestyle, budget, personal and athletic goals, and dietary constraints. Appropriate for athletes of any sport, level, and age. Also appropriate for individuals or groups looking to improve health, quality of life, and body composition.

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I felt awesome for my first race of the season. I was surprised how hard I could pedal and I did end up winning! I’m really happy with my training. I’ve honestly never been this fit and I love it!
— Abby - Enduro Mountain Bike Racer
I can’t say enough good things. Namrita and I just clicked. I know a lot about nutrition, diet, and training but I had trouble putting it into a single plan for myself, which Namrita was able to do so well. She is responsive and attentive to my needs and food preferences. My recovery is better, my performance is better, and my day-to-day energy is amazing.
— Joseph - Category 2 road racer