Namrita Kumar

PhD + Sports Nutritionist + Coach + Endurance Athlete

Dr. Namrita Kumar is a sports physiologist/nutritionist, registered dietitian, and endurance sports coach. Most recently, she studied and conducted research at the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Applied Physiology. Her doctoral research was related to fatigue and the effects of nutritional countermeasures in athletes versus non-athletes. Namrita's personal athletic experience ranges from endurance mountain biking to off-road triathlon, cross-country mountain bike racing, running, road cycling, duathlon, and cyclocross. While she was in graduate school, she competed with Georgia Tech Cycling and the Topeak-Ergon USA mountain bike team. She also remains very involved in the community with organizations such as the Georgia High School Cycling League, National Interscholastic Cycling Association, and Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sport. Namrita is also the Head Cycling Coach at SCAD Atlanta and Founder of Rescue Project.

I can’t say enough good things. Namrita and I just clicked. I know a lot about and am well read on nutrition, diet, health but I had trouble putting it into a single plan for myself, which she had done for me in an amazing way. She is responsive and attentive my needs and food preferences. My recovery is better, my performance is better, and my day to day energy is awesome.
— Joseph- Road/CX Racer
 Darren Comer, 1st place Grant Park CX (Cat 3)

Darren Comer, 1st place Grant Park CX (Cat 3)

I’m finally below 80 kg and I couldn’t be happier with how your program is helping me. It almost seems unfair to my competition how easily it’s working (let’s not tell them:) ..I’m a happy guy!
— Ben - XC/Endurance Mountain Bike Racer
Namrita, thought you might like to know how my body chemistry has changed since I retooled eating and started exercising hard. March 2015 at my physical I had taken myself off Lipitor to see if there was any way I could manage my inherited high cholesterol. I had been off a month before the test and my total was 246 and my ldl was 139. This year after 1 year no meds I was 186, ldl 90 and hdl 80! I went to organic whenever possible, started eating a lot of salmon, using olive oil instead of butter. I got rid of all the junk snacks and quit diet soda. I stopped eating instant oatmeal for breakfast. I am sure you had a part in this so thanks!!
— Mary- Masters Swimmer
Good news…I won the State ITT Champs. Nutrition was outstanding…I felt the best during this race than I have in a long time. Namrita watches my training calendar and dials my nutrition to match the needs. I should have done this sooner.
— Jimmy- Masters Elite TT Cyclist
I was blown away by how knowledgeable she was and how easily she distilled the key concepts of nutrition for athletes. Within 5 minutes after the phone call, I had already implemented several of her suggestions to properly fuel an afternoon workout that same day. I was also able to improve the timing and content of my pre- and post-workout meals, taking into account what I’ll need for subsequent days’ workouts. I would not hesitate to recommend Namrita to fellow athletes and plan to request additional consultation time in the near future to make sure I remain on-track.
— Eric- Road Racer
I love working with Namrita. She is incredibly responsive and I can’t speak enough great things about her. Her coaching has helped so much that this is the first time I’ve ever felt this good racing and this healthy.
— Sharon - road cyclist, time trialist
The 3-day race was a great success - very happy with my results, had a great time and all is good. I attribute a lot of this success to Namrita and her plan - it has really made a difference. I want to thank Namrita for EXCELLENT work - a real pro, attentive and pleasure to work with - we will continue to work together for a long time and I know I will see the dividends.
— Doron
I raced Tuesday through Sunday and the racing was hard and fast. The plan worked really well and I felt recovered each day, which was awesome. Although the racing is over I feel like I could continue to hammer it out. Since I’ve started working with Namrita, I crave more and more plants, fruits, and veggies. I can’t say enough other than I am very happy and ready for more.
— Joe
Fueling for evening races and back-to-back racing has always been tricky for me to get right. After working with Namrita I got my best placing ever in this event (i’m just a road guy on a MTB)—and the ones who beat me include 2 national champions and 2 young kids who are insanely good and competitive regionally in open/pro fields. I know her tips/guidance have helped me out in a big way. Thanks for the help, I’m listening because I know she knows her stuff. Now I’m hoping to just fine-tune a little more!
— Eric

Nutrition and Endurance Sport Coaching

Dr. Namrita Kumar is a sports physiologist and nutritionist who has counseled and advised professional and collegiate athletes in various disciplines such as cycling, triathlon, outrigger canoe racing, track and field, professional hockey, major league baseball, Le Mans driving, stage racing, ultra-endurance bike packing, marathon and ultra running, cyclocross, SUP, and more.

In order to help athletes achieve success, Namrita's coaching philosophy is centered around evidence-based research. She uses a holistic approach that integrates training and nutrition in order to develop personalized plans for each individual athlete. Plans are based proven sports science principles to optimize training response, recovery, and performance. She also recognizes the importance of each athlete’s differences in goals, quality of life, and lifestyle so she allows flexibility to account for “life” factors such as work, travel, family, and injury/illness.

Nutrition and coaching services include:

  • Fully integrated nutrition-to-training plan completely personalized for the athlete's goals and lifestyle
  • Monthly nutrition plan (full custom, semi-custom, or preset non-custom plans)
  • Single or multi-sport endurance coaching
  • In-person or remote nutrition assessments and consultations
  • Access to network of recommended massage therapists, physiotherapists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and medical doctors

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