Endurance Sport Coaching

The ultimate goal is to empower you, the athlete, to perform at your best. 


Custom coaching

This package is for any level of athlete who is ready to set and work towards a performance goal in cycling-related sports, running, or multisport. Success comes from balancing application of basic principles with individualization of specific key factors. Through goal setting together, we will determine what is realistic and achievable for you based on your training history, personal and work life, time availability to train and recover, susceptibility to illness/injury, etc.  Based on these factors, a fully customized periodized training regimen is developed. 

Don't have much experience with training for an endurance event? Or looking to start a regular exercise schedule to improve physical fitness? This package is also for you or we also have group coaching options!

The 3-day race was a great success - very happy with my results, had a great time and all is good. I attribute a lot of this success to Namrita and her plan - it has really made a difference. I want to thank Namrita for EXCELLENT work - a real pro, attentive and pleasure to work with - we will continue to work together for a long time and I know I will see the dividends.
— Don - masters road racer
I really feel the difference. I’m not constantly trying to go as fast as I can; but, when I want to go fast I seem to be able to keep up. Thanks for the insight. I’m always looking forward to my next ride!
— Bob, recreational rider