Frequently Asked Questions


What type of athletes do you consult with on nutrition?

Since I began advising athletes on nutrition, I have worked with people from a wide variety of sports including:

  • cross country running

  • cycling (track, road, cyclocross, XC mountain biking, enduro, endurance mountain biking, bikepacking, stage racing)

  • Le Mans driving

  • major league baseball

  • marathon running

  • martial arts

  • multisport racing (duathlon, triathlon)

  • outrigger canoe racing

  • professional hockey

  • SUP

  • swimming

  • track and field

  • ultra-endurance sports (cycling and running)

I also work with women on prenatal and postpartum nutrition, particularly when they are trying to maintain physical activity throughout pregnancy and return to activity/sport postpartum.

What type of athletes do you coach?

I coach endurance sports including: cycling disciplines (road, mountain, gravel, ultra), distance running (5km to ultra distance), and multisport (Triathlon, duathlon, XTERRA). Athlete ages range from high school to collegiate to post-collegiate and masters. I work with first timers as well as elite-level athletes.

I don't consider myself an athlete- can I still work with you?

YES! Of course. While I work with a lot of athletes, I also work with individuals who are not interested in competing in a sport. Just because you are not training for an event doesn't mean that you cannot gain the same knowledge and insight and apply the same principles to improve your physical and mental health and well-being. And, you might end up changing your mind someday and sign up for an event! I also work with women through pregnancy and post-partum. Your whole life changes when you are pregnant and I can help you adjust your nutrition according to your phase of pregnancy and specific needs during and after pregnancy.

How do payments work? 

For monthly plans, payment is required prior to the upcoming four-week coaching cycle. For all other services, payment is required before service is rendered. Click here to make a payment.

There are no long-term commitments, start-up fees, or penalties to cancel coaching services. However, if you decide to cancel before the end of a four-week cycle, there are no refunds offered for any unused days during that coaching cycle. 

How will we communicate?

Training plans are delivered and managed through Trainingpeaks.  Nutrition documents are typically delivered via .pdf document over email. Good communication between coach and athlete is the foundation of this relationship, thus is not restricted in terms of weekly emails, texts or calls.

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