Nutrition Coaching


Proper diet can't make an average athlete elite, but poor diet makes an elite athlete average - Dr. Asker Jeukendrup

Nutrition assessment

One-time nutrition assessment includes a personalized nutrition guide with intake recommendations that are based on your body composition and athletic goals, training or exercise schedule, training history, and fitness status. 

Weekly and monthly meal plans

Daily meal plan based on your food and food preparation preferences, time availability, and eating schedule. Includes shopping list and recipes when necessary. 

Event fueling plan

Event-specific plan includes foods, drinks, and supplements with recommended quantity and timing of intake. Course specifics and environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and altitude are factored into the plan.  Recommendations will include all intake guidelines for race-day and one-day prior.

Ironman distance events, ultra-endurance events, and multi-day events will have an added charge at my hourly rate depending on the complexity of the required plan. 

Prenatal nutrition

Are you an athlete or active individual who is recently pregnant? This is a big adjustment to your nutrition and diet and can sometimes be a challenge to navigate on your own, especially if it’s your first time. I will adapt any of my plans and consultations specifically to prenatal women.

30-60 minute consultations

Via phone, Facetime, or Google Hangout. In-person sessions available in the Pensacola, FL area. 

registered dietitian
I was blown away by how knowledgeable she was and how easily she distilled the key concepts of nutrition for athletes. Within 5 minutes after the phone call, I had already implemented several of her suggestions to properly fuel an afternoon workout that same day. I was also able to improve the timing and content of my pre- and post-workout meals, taking into account what I’ll need for subsequent days’ workouts. I would not hesitate to recommend Namrita to fellow athletes and plan to request additional consultation time in the near future to make sure I remain on-track.
— Eric - Cat 2 road and criterium racer