Combine Training + Nutrition for Performance


Maximize training adaptation, competitive performance, and long-term health by optimizing your energy availability!

Fueling for a race

Performance coaching

If you are truly looking to maximize your physiological adaptation to training and ability to perform on race day, this is the coaching plan for you! I will highlight and help you implement opportunities for utilizing nutrition to benefit your training adaptation, body composition, and race day performance.

  • The training plan is delivered and managed through Trainingpeaks.

  • Ongoing nutrition recommendations specific to training are included in Trainingpeaks as pre-workout notes.

  • One-time nutrition assessment with guide is delivered through a pdf.

If you are interested in a la carte services, check out:

I am feeling VERY good. My body is changing and my training is going in the right direction. Thanks for your help and sharing your knowledge!
— Benito - cycling coach, bike fitter
I raced Tuesday through Sunday and the racing was hard and fast. The plan worked really well and I felt recovered each day, which was awesome. Although the racing is over I feel like I could continue to hammer it out. Since I’ve started working with Namrita, I crave more and more plants, fruits, and veggies. I can’t say enough other than I am very happy and ready for more.
— Joe - Category 2 road and gravel racer
I love working with Namrita. She is incredibly responsive and I can’t speak enough great things about her. Her coaching has helped so much that this is the first time I’ve ever felt this good racing and this healthy.
— Sharon - Masters cyclist