Real Client Feedback


I really care about helping you achieve what you set out to do. Read what some of my current and previous clients have to say…

I can’t say enough good things. Namrita and I just clicked. I know a lot about nutrition, diet, and training but I had trouble putting it into a single plan for myself, which Namrita was able to do so well. She is responsive and attentive to my needs and food preferences. My recovery is better, my performance is better, and my day-to-day energy is amazing.
— Joe - Cat 2 Road Racer
I’m at my race weight from 12 years ago, these are numbers I honestly never thought I’d approach. This program has also completely demystified cooking for me. Before I’d make myself breakfast or grill some chicken. But, in reality, I barely cooked. Now I cook all the time and even find myself constantly hunting for new healthy recipes!
— Eloy - road racer
I’ve gained the weight I wanted, I’m riding better and my blood values and performance numbers are all back to where I wanted them. I’m really enjoying your coaching. Great job, I’m extremely happy!
— Chris - Masters Road/CX athlete
I’m feeling better than I have in years. I did a 90 mile ride yesterday and expected to feel a bit tired today but I’m not! Not bad for 62.
— Pat - Masters Time Trialist
Since we have been working together I have really noticed an improvement in my endurance and I can feel myself getting fitter and faster. I’m feeling good! Thank you!
— Beth - recreational MTB rider
I felt awesome for my first race of the season. I was surprised how hard I could pedal and I did end up winning! I’m really happy with my training. I’ve honestly never been this fit and I love it!
— Abby - Enduro MTB athlete
I am feeling VERY good. My body is changing and my training is going in the right direction. Thanks for your help and sharing your knowledge!
— Benito - Cycling coach + Bike Fitter
I raced Tuesday through Sunday and the racing was hard and fast. The plan worked really well and I felt recovered each day, which was awesome. Although the racing is over I feel like I could continue to hammer it out. Since I’ve started working with Namrita, I crave more and more plants, fruits, and veggies. I can’t say enough other than I am very happy and ready for more.
— Joseph - Elite road/gravel racer
I love working with Namrita. She is incredibly responsive and I can’t speak enough great things about her. Her coaching has helped so much that this is the first time I’ve ever felt this good racing and this healthy.
— Sharon - masters cyclist
I had an amazing experience at MTB Nationals! More than thrilled with my race and beyond grateful for my husband and my amazing coach Namrita, who got me through physically and emotionally. Thank you!
— Ali - Cat 1 MTB racer
I finished the 50 mi race in 2nd place only 2 minutes off the winner after I had two rear flats. I also dropped almost 2 hours off my previous course time! I am really happy with how far my fitness has come.
— Rob - endurance MTB racer
I feel so much better about crit racing and my handling skills. After a weekend of time trialing, road racing, and crit racing, I was 2nd overall in my first omnium. Thanks for your guidance and coaching!
— Stephen - Cat 4 Cyclist
I really feel the difference. I’m not constantly trying to go as fast as I can; but, when I want to go fast I seem to be able to keep up. Thanks for the insight. I’m always looking forward to my next ride!
— Bob - masters recreational rider
The 3-day race was a great success - very happy with my results, had a great time and all is good. I attribute a lot of this success to Namrita and her plan - it has really made a difference. I want to thank Namrita for EXCELLENT work - a real pro, attentive and pleasure to work with - we will continue to work together for a long time and I know I will see the dividends.
— Doron - masters elite rider
I was blown away by how knowledgeable she was and how easily she distilled the key concepts of nutrition for athletes. Within 5 minutes after the phone call, I had already implemented several of her suggestions to properly fuel an afternoon workout that same day. I was also able to improve the timing and content of my pre- and post-workout meals, taking into account what I’ll need for subsequent days’ workouts. I would not hesitate to recommend Namrita to fellow athletes and plan to request additional consultation time in the near future to make sure I remain on-track.
— Eric - Cat 2 road racer
My weight is down and power is up. My eating habits have definitely changed for the better as a result of this program and the ideas from the group have also really helped.
— Fit in 6 Challenge participant